Obama’s 100 Tons of Trash Left While Everyone Celebrated Inauguration Day

UPDATE: See Washington Post article way below.

Whoa. To Obama’s hearing and Deaf supporters who attended the Inauguration Day at Washington, D.C., nice going! Leaving that much trash at the Mall is truly mind-boggling. 100 tons of trash! DCRepublicans blog has something to say and ask about what happened on Jan. 20th below (I would strongly suggest you all to click on the link below to see the pictures and two videos yourself):

And I wonder also how many Gallaudet students and Deaf people went to the Mall to witness Obama’s inauguration and left their trash behind on the Mall grounds? What are the odds of that?

Really, people, I’m sure it must be that cold to pick up the trash after it was all over. Not quite eco-friendly and civic-minded, aren’t y’all?

Hopenchange, indeed!

UPDATE: A Green Agenda for the President’s First 100 Days . . . the first day of President Obama is epic fail for the green agenda. *tsk-tsk-tsk*

Washington Post article, 1.22.2009: The Trash Was Historic, too.


“More than any Fourth of July, more than any event we’ve seen,” Park Service spokesman William Line said.

The detritus included handwarmer packets, bottles, food, newspapers, blankets, gloves, coolers and a table or two, in addition to items bought from street vendors.

“They left behind Obama hats, Obama bags, Obama socks,” said Mafara Hobson, spokeswoman for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D). “People left behind a lot of trash. A lot of it was the vendors along the parade route, too.”

43 Responses to “Obama’s 100 Tons of Trash Left While Everyone Celebrated Inauguration Day”

  1. Mishkazena Says:

    In case you may not be aware, this has been a problem for decades, as I can asset since I live in the metro DC. It has nothing to do with Obama.


    Talk about being petty!

  2. Under The Hill Says:

    Nothing to do with Obama?! Wow, that mean he isn’t really an inspiring figure after all. You didn’t have a presence of mind to stick around and help clean up some trash about or is it that important to go to someplace and celebrate over hot food and beverages afterward?

  3. deafnet Brian Says:

    100 tons is ALOT of Trash during that event compare to my experience at World Deaf Timberfest, we collect about 6 to 10 tons, equal to up to 3-4 BIG Dumpsters!
    good information!

  4. Mishkazena Says:

    So why should this be treated differently from other events? During Bushes and Reagan Inaugurations, their supporters left trash, too. I guess they weren’t inspiring figures back then ;)

    Now to think of it, I recall excessive littering left behind from people attending Earth Day concerts and speeches at the Mall. I guess eco people didn’t think about staying around behind to clean up the trash afterward.

    By implying that Obama should be treated differently by people from other public figures, do you realize how racist you sound? I am sure that’s not your intention….

  5. Under The Hill Says:

    Nice try, Mishkazena. Throwing “racist” card at me is the lowest form of childish insults. I’m going to dismiss that nonsense.

  6. mcconnell Says:

    Obama had every opportunity to show how “green” he is. In the name of “hope” and “change” and his effort to mimic JFK’s (as well as Lincoln, MLK, FDR etc..etc…) “do what you can do for your country” spiel he could have with great effect get people to help keep D.C. clean as possible by getting them to volunteer (as in without pay) to help clean up the mess they made on the Mall itself. Although it was poor planning by not having larger trash cans or dumpsters to accomodate the influx of incoming trash that people we’re so willing to throw it on the ground. Obama lost his opportunity to inspire people to become more “green” minded and not pollute the grounds.

    So much for “hope” and “change”. I sure hope he fails in the area of socialism.

  7. jean boutcher Says:

    I am not a “myopic” reader. I always analyse bloggers’ posts by reading between the lines and would very quickly discern the essence of a message. You said — between the lines — that Republican supporters would no have done like that.

  8. mcconnell Says:

    Obama’s agenda is green. Remember that. He had every opportunity to show the world that he can inspire people to be more mindful of the environment (and not the global warming schtick using unfounded fear as a gimmick). After all, we’re talking about $170 million dollars spent on the inauguration vs Bush $42 million in 2005 and how funny it was that the mainstream media howled at how expensive Bush’s 2005 inauguration was and how it could’ve been better spent in time of war. How ironic that Obama showed no concern about the mess he helped create in D.C. and the ongoing financial “crisis” by having an expensive and lavish inaugurual knowing full well he wants to spend an extra $1 trillion dollars on money that we don’t have.


    What a smart prezy we have. His IQ’s is straight off the chart I tell ya.

  9. Mishkazena Says:

    Actually, Under the Hill, I find your post very offensive due to its racial implications. Hence my responses. Whether you realize it or not, your targeting Obama while ignoring the fact that the trashing is unfortunately a very common problem does raise eyebrows. Particularly when you ignored the comments about supporters of the Republican Inaugurations and the Eco people celebrating their annual Earth Day trashing the Mall.

    I actually thought you were better than this, but I apparently misjudged you. I will not be back since you stooped this low.

  10. mcconnell Says:

    Lol. Criticize Obama and it’s called being a racist? Again. Obama had an opportunity. He failed. And it has nothing to do with the color of his skin either.

    There were no inferred racial implications in Rob’s post. None. Saying that is a cop-out, Mishka.

  11. mcconnell Says:

    Either face up to the reality and truth that Obama had an opportunity to address the green agenda on inauguration day or you can play the racist card as a cop out. A simple fact of the matter is that Obama failed on his first day to address any semblance of his green agenda to his followers.

  12. Picard90 Says:


    I am a conservative and a Republican, so that means I don’t like President Obama and his ideas. However, it does strike me as petty if our best defense is talking about how huge of a mess Obama’s inauguration day left behind.

    Look, you and I both know President Obama isn’t more green than Bush or any Republican for that matter, and it’s a pretty good bet that his policies aren’t greener either. However, I think there are better ways of attacking President Obama. How about attacking him for staring down a reporter when he asked a tough question about his nominee, a former lobbyist with ties to Raytheon — a defense contractor, for deputy secretary of defense?

    Here is the FoxNews article on the incident. I hope the html code tags work here in this comment box.

    We can also attack him on closing down Gitmo, Mexico City policy, stimulus package, and a host of other issues far more weighty than…well…100 tons of trash.

    Other than that, I totally agree with you on every point put forth in your blog. And I also know you’re no racist. Ignore Mishkazena’s accusations of you being a racist. If the Left has not let up the attacks on Bush for the last eight years, then we’ve no reason to think the Left will drop the attacks now that President Obama is in office. The Left will never give up attacking us, because they know it’s the only tactic that’s quite successful. Thus, let us keep up our defenses of Bush and conservative principles in general.

    May God bless you and have a good week!


  13. Candy Says:

    Nah, MZ, it has not been a problem for decades of this proportion (I actually remember seeing lots of trash cans out there where big events were held.) And, I don’t see any racist remarks here. However, I read some other article where they said that most trash cans were removed for security reasons during Obama’s inauguration. I guess there wasn’t enough trash cans for the number of people that attended the inauguration. Looks like it’s out of Obama’s control. Imagine Obama telling people to be green and pitch their trash in the trash cans, there were none to be seen due to security reasons. So….hmm lets see, should people carry their trash with them and bring it back to their cars/homes/hotels etc?

    I frequent a state park where there is NO trash cans there. There is a sign asking people to throw haul their trash out themselves. Be it their car/home/what-have-you. I guess, if you think about it, perhaps we all need to be more conscious of the environment.

    Maybe they were celebrating exuberantly and forgot? Excitement does that to people. ;)

  14. mcconnell Says:

    Picardo, well said. However, the point being is that Obama had an opportunity to help people become more “environmentally” conscious (a not about global warming nonsense). Aside from hiring a tax cheat, pay to play schemes, restricting the press pool on asking questions on the fly, spending money that we don’t have thinking we can spend our way out into stimulating the economy. taking the 2nd oath without the press, and so on. This has all the markings of a president destined to fail.
    Let’s hope so.

    Oh, I support Obama but not his policies. “I don’t support the nationalization of the banks, which has happened. I don’t support the nationalization of the auto companies. I don’t support the nationalization of the mortgage business. I don’t like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd running things. And I don’t want that to continue. But I support our president. I’m like anybody else, I support the president. I just don’t support the policies.”

    Feel better?

  15. mcconnell Says:

    Like I said, Candy, Obama had an opportunity there. He blew it.

  16. Picard90 Says:

    Excuse me if I want to toss in another 2 cents…

    This is for Miskhazena, I don’t know if she will read this, but…

    You said:

    By implying that Obama should be treated differently by people from other public figures, do you realize how racist you sound? I am sure that’s not your intention….

    You’ll have to pardon me, but with all due respect, President Obama is being treated differently…by his supporters. For the last eight years, and two years on Obama’s campaign trail, liberals and his supporters alike have viciously attacked Bush for making tough decisions and preceiving him as a sort of hypocrite on a number of key issues. Such people sunk to new lows in name-calling department and loudly demanded Bush be impeached for “war crimes”. Dissent was loudly proclaimed as patriotic duty as long it was all about trashing Bush’s name and GOP in general.

    But now, the attitude is radically different around President Obama.

    Dissent is being promptly hidden away and swept under rugs. For instance, President Obama went out of his way to criticize GOP for listening to Rush Limbaugh and actually demanded GOP show its bipartisanship as if President Obmaa somehow expects the opposition to roll over and play dead.

    Another instance is where President Obama had his press conferences scripted to the point where it’s predetermined which reporter gets to ask his or her written questions in advance as to permit Presidnet Obama to provide answers ahead of time. White House press corps no longer raise their hands, because it’s all prearranged by President Obama’s PR team. Can you imagine that under Bush?

    The point is media is in fact playing double standards on Presidents Bush and Obama. Why? Because media is biased in favor toward President Obama. So, yes, President Obama is being treated differently by people. Media will go to new lengths to ignore any major blunder on part of President Obama, until it can’t be ignored. Liberals will stand in awe of President Obama’s supposed magic, and no one will dare to raise his or her voice against him.

    I truly believe President Obama has messianc complex disorder. He is a morally depraved and crooked man. He is determined to get his way no matter how many laws are broken, just look at Geithner pick. That man has not paid his taxes, and President Obama wants this man in charge of Treasury Department! President Obama scares me more than anybody else….much more than Chavez, Iranian mullahs, and terrorist organizations. President Obama has the power to change American society in ways no enemy could have possibly dreamed of.

    There I said it…but in the end…President Obama is indeed our President, it’s a done deal. But that won’t stop me from criticizing President Obama’s policies or work to make sure he’s out of office in four years.


  17. mcconnell Says:

    Maybe it’s the media and adulators that are treating Obama differently because he’s in fact black? And that any criticisms should be canned and dare not ask any questions. After all, it is they who keep bringing up the color of his skin and not others who are merely questioning his policies, knowledge (or lack of) and decisions. The question is, it is the skin they are try to support (perhaps a complex subconscious white guilt?) or his policies?

  18. jean boutcher Says:

    Candy writes:

    “However, I read some other article where they said that most trash cans were removed for security reasons during Obama’s inauguration.”


    Editor: I edited your post to fix the blockquote, Jean.

  19. jean boutcher Says:


    Even folding chairs, backpacks, and the like were not allowed — save the wheelchairs for the disabled.

  20. mcconnell Says:

    So, that means those Obama adulators would have had more room to carry trash bags and carry the trash they brought with them back home. Still, Obama had an opportunity to show his green agenda. Failed miserably at that.

  21. Under The Hill Says:

    I don’t see anything in my blog that implied anything racist again Obama, Mishkazena, you’re just grasping at straws. Like Mike said earlier, it’s a cop-out.

    Criticizing or dissenting Obama or his policies is NOT racist. Understand, Mishkazena? Thank you.

    To Picard90 and Candy, thank you for your comments. :)

    To Jean who posted, “Perfecto!”: And your point is…?

  22. jean boutcher Says:

    Please re-read my post wherein I read one of Candy’

    “However, I read some other article where they said that most trash cans were removed for security reasons during Obama’s inauguration.”

    And I DULY responded ‘Perfecto”.

    Frankly, there was too much ado over nothing in your

    That is: litter is better than trash bins which invite terrorists
    to put something into.

    True enough, everything ended well and successfully at the
    inauguration — thanks to the MPD and peaceful attendants of the Obama Inaugural — that promped NEWSWEEK to say.
    “A Changing of America!”

  23. Under The Hill Says:

    Jean, littering is against the law, however, that’s not the whole point. The point is when the mass of Obama’s supporters is supposedly civic-minded and care enough about the environment and the green issues, they would have not bring so much materials with them and then dump them at the Mall and thereabouts, expecting the clean-up crews to take care of them afterward. They really showed that much disrespect for the environment while being inspired and swooned by Obama, the supposedly “green” President.

    I mean, come on. Where’s the common sense? There’s no changing of America without it.

  24. Dianrez Says:

    Taking a wider view, it seems to be a problem of the planners. With hundreds of people trapped for hours in the subway and shut out behind barricades with valid tickets, it is reasonable to assume that the poor planning extended elsewhere, too.

    Removal of trashcans? Poor planning if no alternatives were provided, such as garbage bags or student volunteers trudging up and down the aisles with trashcans. Vendors selling papers and foods with no trashcans? Come on, what is that?

    When you treat people like cattle, they will behave like cattle and leave souvenirs behind. It is amazing that all these public events in history have not improved the city’s management one whit.

  25. mcconnell Says:

    Again, Obama and his team of planners had an opportunity to address those coming and attending to be more civic minded about what they bring in or even buy (e.g. lattes, sandwich wrappers, etc) to pack them out. With 1 to 2 million people attending it wouldn’t take much for Obama to remind them to pack it in and pack it out if trash cans were such a concern. Now, with wads of pictures of an outrageously messy Mall post-inaugural will simply be used as a reminder (and fodder) to those who think Obama represents the new “green” president.

    City planners, Obama team planners and so on had weeks to prepare this and could’ve have simply drove the message home every day to those coming to please bring their own plastic trash bags and pack it out. Obama had an opportunity….he blew it. Acknowledge that and move on.

  26. mcconnell Says:

    Put’s a new meaning to the words, “Yes we will!”

    Apparently they didn’t.

  27. Tyson Mitchiner Says:

    The article should note that trashcans were intentionally removed for security reasons [probably stretches back to the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics].

    Maybe the planners felt they did not need to expend more energy about the trash, because they already had plans for workers to clean up the mall just like they do after every major event [and they did].

    The problem with this article is the hyper-partisanship. As if the fact that people reading this will mean the Republicans will start winning elections again soon.

    I supported Ronald Reagan and the elder Bush’s first term… not because I hated Democrats, but because I found them to be leaders.

    That is the only thing that would make me vote Republican again– LEADERSHIP — not hyperpartisan negativity.

  28. Danny P. Says:

    You are smart than me that is true. Please call me NICE TRY.

    Obama doest not want America to get stuck in the past. He wants to look forward to try to fix the future.
    I do not like conservative because conservative is very crazy and culture too much.
    Rush and Hannity are VERY dangerous. Foxnews is fake.

    1. IRAQ – waste money $$$ Billion and Where is WMB huh

    2. CEO- cheat, dirty, greed, and etc….

    3. Hurricane Katrina- no help, cheap supply etc and Bush and Cheney won’t help to pay and shame.

    4. Economy- lost job, people much lost mort, lost stock, lost retire and etc…

    5. Bush and Cheney spend waste money $$$ Billion in IRAQ Vs. Hurricane Katrina and Economy no money, zero amounts.

    6. Sorry, you MUST list Rush,Hannity, and Foxnews.

    Danny P.

  29. Under The Hill Says:

    Tyson, not quite, old friend, see the Flickr pictures of trash cans. The article was not quite “hyper-partisan” as you put it, rather it just reported the obvious situation of the aftermath and the lack of forethought by the planners. ;)

  30. Under The Hill Says:

    Danny P, your comment offered nothing substantial and relevant to this issue of trash, other than rehashing tiresome old subjects so often invoked from the left.


  31. Danny L. Says:

    I want to tell you so I’m very sorry. it’s make me angry. I want respect you. No more comment.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Danny L.

  32. Eddie Says:

    I’m no fan of Obama by any measure. I DO find it funny that so much trash was left behind by such a supposedly “green” minded party or partisans, however. Having said that, I have to say I did not see anything in this piece whatsoever that was even remotely racist. Targeting the trash left behind during Obama’s inauguration was no more racist or offensive than the media howling about the $40+ million spent on Bush’s inauguration versus the $170+ million spent on Obama’s.

    But really, it is ALL petty. Fact is, better planning COULD have gone into this. Fact is, trash in DC (and many other places) is a HUGE EYESORE AND PROBLEM. Fact is, it happened, and what can be done to effect change. Howling and gnashing teeth from one perspective or another doesn’t fix the problem, it compounds it. Solutions are needed, and should be made. If you have an idea of how to fix the problem, make the suggestion so the next one is not quite so messy.

    Here is one suggestion: Simply require that any food or drinks brought in must be in tupperware type bowls or those refillable sport water bottles (clear of course, to appease the security conscious). When people have a vested ownership in property, they are less likely to discard it. They view the bottled water, lattes, popcorn, hotdogs, and so on as disposable (fast food culture mindset) so they simply discard them. No trash cans? Not their problem. Hey, I didn’t say it had to be a perfect solution, but it is a suggestion nonetheless.

  33. mcconnell Says:

    A little education is needed for Danny P.
    1. IRAQ – waste money $$$ Billion and Where is WMB huh.
    Saddam played a dangerous game. After the first Gulf War, he signed the surrender agreement. But it wasn’t long til he broke the agreement by firing upon coalition jets in the no fly zones. It wasn’t long until that Saddam ignored the 17 U.N. resolutions. Clinton and the U.N. tried to put economic sanctions on Iraq to force Saddam to follow the surrender agreement but it caused more deaths to children and elderly than the Iraq war because food, clean water and medicine were cut off. Saddam didn’t comply with the weapon inspectors playing a dangerous cat and mouse game. And so on. It’s either you enforce the U.N. resolutions and send in the troops or you don’t. We did. We went in as a coalition effort. Ousted Saddam and his two sons. Helped established a democracy. Iraqis set up a constitution. They have at this point near control of Iraq using their own armies and police force.

    2. CEO- cheat, dirty, greed, and etc….
    All CEOs are cheats? No. Some, yes. But not all. We are all greedy to one degree or another, even you Danny.

    3. Hurricane Katrina- no help, cheap supply etc and Bush and Cheney won’t help to pay and shame.
    Governor Blanco (remember her?) did failed to request federal help in time. The Federal Government cannot send in the troops and equipments on their own until the governor officially request help. This has to do with the Commitus Act. It’s better to get some help than no help at all. Stop whininng!!

    4. Economy- lost job, people much lost mort, lost stock, lost retire and etc…
    You can thank Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for much of that which leads to two Democrats, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd head of the Senate Finance Committee, for not intervening for tighter regulations and oversight on FM and FM. Bush and other Congress people warned them that FM and FM need to be addressed for several years. In 2003 and 2005 Barney Frank said that there was no fear for a financial crisis.

    5. Bush and Cheney spend waste money $$$ Billion in IRAQ Vs. Hurricane Katrina and Economy no money, zero amounts.
    No money? That’ll be true if Obama has his way. Spending money that we do not have!!

    6. Sorry, you MUST list Rush,Hannity, and Foxnews.
    I listen to them on the radios. They are some of the most informed people on the planet. Since you don’t listen to them you are simply using liberals talking points that have no factual basis whatsoever.

  34. Under The Hill Says:

    Eddie, the Mall and all the public places in Washington, D.C. belong to the American people, as taxpayers, we all own them but let the US gov’t administrate them for us and the gov’t is responsible to provide services for upkeep or taking care of the public areas. Therefore, the American people, including all those who attended the Inauguration Day at the Mall, have a vested interest in taking care of these public places for the benefits of the public.

    You called it petty, I call it a big disappointment and judging from what I saw on the Inauguration Day and afterward, there’s no common sense and civil consideration for the Mall’s environment and for the trashes piled about. The Mall, the US government and all that entitled to the American people are OUR problems. Pres. Obama has failed to remind us of that from day one and I’m concerned that it would reflect on the rest of his 4 years term. After Obama’s inaugural speech, he or someone close to him could have add something to the effect advising those attending on the Mall to stick around and help clean up the trash and keep the Mall look nice and pleasant before they leave. :D

    Thank you for your comment, Eddie.

  35. mcconnell Says:

    Eddie, this wasn’t about the lack of trash cans or bins but the lack of getting the message out. It’s funny that the major theme of Obama’s speech was about service and yet the millions of people failed to clean up after themselves. They had weeks to plan and put messages and even during his inauguration he could’ve easily put the message straight home to help keep D.C. clean and so on. If he wants to earn the mantel as being the “green” president he need to get the word out and keep his end of his responsibility. Sadly, that did not happen. 100 tons of trash. 600+ private jets flying into D.C. The thousands of cars, buses, planes and many train trips along with other excesses created a carbon footprint mess that is surely to make the ocean rise another 1 foot by next year. (note, if you didn’t see that sarcasm by now then you don’t know that global warming is supposedly caused by man is pure malarky and bunk).

  36. Eddie Says:

    Please understand, by “petty”, I meant the people who are taking offense at you calling the Obama administration out on this. I should have clarified myself a little better. Make no mistake, I find it odd and not a little disconcerting that such an “eco-friendly” administration would be so blind to such a big tactical blunder such as this.

    I simply meant all the bickering back and forth is petty, you won’t change the minds of people such as MishkaZena, so focus on offering solutions, and let’s get back to being the party of real solutions, not just throwing good money after bad, as most of the Democratic proposals will do with this new economic stimulus proposal.

  37. mcconnell Says:

    Another tactical blunder by Obama is to attack Rush Limbaugh telling people not to listen to him (i.e. his radio show). Imagine Bush saying that to Americans not to listen to Alan Colmes, Chris Matthews, Olbermann, or Wolf Spitzer. But thanks to Obama’s faux pas blunder he helped generate some several million dollars worth of free publicity for Rush Limbaugh.

    What’s laughable is that Obama is trying to be the “all-inclusive” president trying to be like Lincoln, JFK, FDR and Teddy Roosevelt all rolled up into one.

    Sad to see that people attack those who are critical of Obama by calling them “racists” and they “shan’t” be critical of Obama or they’ll be shut out or shut down. I think Mishkazena ought to owe Rob an apology for inferring that he’s a racist person. No where did Rob say showed any racist tendencies.

    Ahhhh, isn’t communism, Marxism and socialism great? Welcome to 1984, folks. 25 years late.

  38. My Vlog to Mishka Zena: Criticize Obama is not racist, it is Patriotic! « Under The Hill Says:

    […] Zena, in my last blog about the 130-tons of trash left by swooned-over Obama supporters at the Mall, you accused me of being racist for criticizing […]

  39. Danny L. Says:


    I want you to look Oprah Winfrey show tomorrow at 4:00pm about Ted Arthur Haggard. He will be with Oprah Winfrey on show tomorrow at 4:00pm and his wife there.
    Ted Arthur Haggard is a former American evangelical preacher. I remember that He really do not like gay-sex. but he did that Bush was VERY embarrass. That was funny.
    Please do not FORGET. I won’t forget.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Hope you will enjoy.
    Danny L.

  40. mcconnell Says:

    Sorry, don’t even like Oprah that much. Don’t even want to watch her shows either. Oprah has been shown to be a hypocrite when she said wouldn’t get into politics but instead went all out in the tank with Obama by inviting him on his show. Don’t even know who Ted Haggard. Don’t care. President Bush achieved one objective which is the primary duty of any president and that is to protect and keep America safe. Bush has successfully kept America safe since 2001 after 9/11.

    Hey, I’m not embarrassed about Bush. He has achieved alot in 8 years. There are many things that I don’t agree to or object on what Bush has done but he done an admirable job. I’ve always been proud to be an American all of my life. Proud of the men and women who helped protect America and those who gave their lives to ensure that even idiots are allowed their freedom of speech filled with hate and venom.

  41. Criticizing Obama is Racist « Individualism Says:

    […] you’d think that the collective IQ of the world dropped by 20 points. In response to a post about the hypocritically “green” Obama supporters’ litter, the response […]

  42. What Retired Spook Saw at the Restoring Honor Rally » Blogs For Victory Says:

    […] Walking from the Vietnam Memorial down through the park to the WW2 Memorial, I didn’t see so much as a gum wrapper in the grass. All of the trash containers were full, but what didn’t fit in the containers was gathered in plastic bags and stacked against the containers. The 4th photo in the RedState 8/28 wrap-up is an accurate depiction of what we witnessed and quite a contrast from the 100+ tons of trash left strewn across the Mall at the Obama inauguration.  It really is a contrast in how different classes of our society show or don’t show respect. […]

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