The Pros and Cons of Barack Obama

NOTE: This blog is not considered as an endorsement or opposition, it is only informative based on my observations, the facts stated below are for you to decide for yourself.

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This is the second of 2-part blogs about the two primary national candidates for the office of the President of the United States. On Monday, John McCain was the first subject. Now, the subject is Barack H. Obama, the Democratic candidate for President. As a republican and conservative, going for a good Democratic candidate is a very tough case for me, unless he’s Charlie Wilson (sorely needed in the current Democratic Party). I’d made that mistake voting Democratic twice before (never again, unless the candidate is a very compelling American patriot, like Charlie). Having said that, Barack Obama is the first black candidate in the American history to gain a national party nomination to become the next U.S. President, especially he bested his toughest opponent in the Democratic primaries: Hillary Clinton. I would not say Obama is a different sort of a Democratic candidate, but he’s an unique case for American history. He represents the future which America can get past the color of skin or race of a minority candidate on the national level and concentrate on his ideas and visions of the 21st century America (someday, there will be a female President as well). He offers hopes and dreams to those who look up to him. There are Americans who are inspired and emboldened by what he stands for and what he represents. Yet, there are Americans who remains deeply skeptical or have serious reservations about him. Yes, there are some Americans who believed that Obama is the AntiChrist revealed. Moving along, folks.

Starting with the PROS of Obama (note – these are my impressions of Obama based on past reports):

Bright and assertive: he comes across as bright and assertive, like he was when he made his first national appearance with a speech at the Democratic National Convention in the summer of 2004. In the debates, he came off as very assertive against other Democratic candidates and certainly proved his mantle among his better Democratic peers. If elected President, Obama’s assertiveness might do him an important service or not (if he did not address his prone to making gaffes).

Amiable but cautious: watching him in the news getting engaged with the people, the press, his peers and his critics, he is certainly amiable but he maintains a cautious approach with them. I think his inexperience in running his first major Presidential campaign is pretty daunting for him. Therefore, it is reasonable that he has to be that way: so much stakes are riding upon him and he cannot blow this historic opportunity.

Energetic: his youthfulness, masculinity and vigor appealed to a lot of young Americans, especially women. Although, he was born within the final years of the baby boom generation, Obama have attracted the majority of Generation X and successive generations who generally identified their politics and visions with that of Obama’s than the baby-boomers who identified with Reagan, Bush (the elder) and Clinton. These generations grew up with the ending of the Cold War, the globalization issues and the Internet. A youthful, energetic and idealistic candidate like Obama have a certain appeal to these younger generations.

Strongly familiar with the social, economic and health care issues affecting everyone but the wealthy: Obama’s familiarity with these issues are buoyed being a part of the powerful Democratic Party machine which have long championed these social causes for the people for decades. His social, religious and academic upbringing played a key role in shaping his views regarding the poor, the less fortune and the oppressed. His involvements with the legal and community organizations entrenched his beliefs for a more equitable, just and open society in America.

Flexible and attentive to important issues and needs: see above.

On the U.S. economy, Obama, unlike McCain, recognizes there are serious problems and plenty of opportunities with it. He does seem to be the person who would tinker and transform the U.S. economy into something more akin to the economies of the European Union, perhaps in an apparent belief to level the playing field in this age of globalization, free trades, new market forces and the Internet. He knows that a lot of Americans are worried and apprehensive about the current state of the U.S. economy, given with the rising gas prices, high food and living costs that could deplete their accounts sooner than later, risking a Depression in the process. History may be repeating here and Obama could be the 21st century’s Franklin D. Roosevelt, crafting a newer New Deal for America.

His best asset is his own kindling personality and natural, idealistic appeal in the eyes of Americans, regardless of their politics and beliefs.

And now for the CONS of Obama(!):

Easily annoyed: “Can I just eat my waffle?” ‘Nuff said.

Inexperience in diplomatic and geopolitical affairs: Despite having the Big Z as his foreign policy adviser, Obama’s inexperience in U.S. diplomacy with other countries troubled both conservatives and foreign policy experts. He calls for direct, disciplined diplomacy with countries historically hostile to the United States: Iran, North Korea, Cuba, even Venezuela (thanks to Chavez), etc. With preconditions. Obama doesn’t realize that in the affair of geopolitics, one country’s own interests is much more important than any other country and will do anything to advance its own interests. Which is true for almost every country in the world. He needed to be schooled by Reagan’s foreign policy approach, which may benefit him better than his Presidential predecessors after Reagan.

Indifferent to the US military and national security: For the past few months, his attitude and lack of genuine interests in the US military and national security are very alarming and disturbing. Does he possesses a general Democratic attitude toward the U.S. military like I’ve seen from other Democrats, doing everything to undermine the military’s abilities to fight those who would harm or kill American lives and interests or does he have an absolute contempt toward the very institution that protect and serve the United States of America since the American war for independence in the late 18th century? Veterans rooting and voting for Obama should pay close attention to him about the military and national security issues and should not be re-assured by Obama’s dualistic logic.

Think the US should heed the world’s demands and restrict its “hegemonic, imperialist” policies: Obama, if elected President, would revert everything that President Bush have done in the last 8 years in the name of international solidarity and harmony with the world and the United Nations. Which mean Obama may rather let the US to suffer terrorism in the country than to let the US fight terrorism overseas and expect the world to do their parts to help out. Particulary troublesome.

Attracting peoples and groups too far left, too racist, too elitist and too radical for mainstreamed (and still conservative) America: Pay very close to the best anti-idiotarian, anti-Islamist blog on the Internet: LittleGreenFootballs. The efforts of Charles Johnson in exposing the serious problems of Obama’s campaign website, which Obama’s website have been allowing the vilest anti-semitic, anti-American or intellectually-dishonest blogs to manifest en masse since Obama defeated Clinton for good. Yid with Lid, a Jewish American blogger, is doing a nice job tracking Obama’s pretension with Israel and Debbie Schlussel‘s hit on Obama’s ambivalent association with Nation of Islam and Islamist organizations. Obama may have a lot of appeals to young, naive Americans but he’s also attracting the worst sort of anti-American peoples, racists and groups under the assumption that Obama’s the Messiah of some kind. Ugh.

The dangers of Obamanomics: raise more taxes to spend on porks, programs and endowments that doesn’t really benefit the United States in the matters of geopolitical, national security and military issues. The has a nice blog about the disturbed plans of Obamanomics. Beware!

His wife, Michelle Obama could be the second coming of Hillary Clinton, circa 1993 and onward. Ruh-roh.

Worst part about Obama: he won’t release his birth certificate publicly. Also, he could be holding dual citizenships with the United States and Kenya. He’s been avoiding the scrutiny about him being born a Muslim and not acknowledging the risk of being an apostate from Islam. *tsk-tsk-tsk*

So that is all the pros and cons of Barack Obama, the junior Senator from Illinois and possibly the next President of the United States. He does have certain natural and political appeals that may be refreshingly different than that of Bush’s, but his association with the worst, most anti-American fringe kinds are particularly disturbing and his stance on the military/national security gravely concerning. It’s like having the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing for it. Learn the facts, not resort to blind confidence in him.

Only you decide whether he should be the 44th President or not between now and Nov. 4th.

59 Responses to “The Pros and Cons of Barack Obama”

  1. Marian Says:

    But if he is not a US citizen since his mother does not meet the requirements needed for 1961. Why is he being considered?

  2. Moebius Says:

    Barack IS a US citizen! His mother was born in Kansas and grew up in the US!

  3. Under The Hill Says:

    Good question, Marian.

    And your point is, Moebius?

  4. Karen Mayes Says:

    Hmmmm… I was disappointed when Hiliary decided to withdraw from presidential campaign. She is opposite of Obama (more experiences, more political savvy, etc…) It would be cool if Obama asked her to be on his ticket as a vice president; we could use her expertise. What bothers me still is that we DON’T know enough about him, other than he is just a senator.

    So for many people disillisioned with America’s involvement in Middle East conflict and concerned with the economics here, it is almost no brainer for us to see Obama as Prez than McCain… it is more like we have enough of Republicans, now it is time for Democrats…

  5. Under The Hill Says:

    Problem is, Karen, the Democrats are not going to make America better because of problems under Bush, but they are going to try to make America as if early 2001 to Jan. 19th, 2009 never ever happen in the minds of the American people and pretend this current election is the Election 2000. A giant do-over.

  6. velvethammer Says:

    Great post! Thanks for the link!

    Obama’s pro’s are mostly superficial and his cons are deeply ingrained.
    The state of things under an Obama (God forbid) presidency are what nightmares are made of.

    This may sound harsh (to some) but I would not hire Obama to clean my toilets. Wouldn’t want him in my house. Let alone the White House. I DO NOT trust him.

    He is a dunce, a dangerous, marxist, deceitful dunce.
    And what is up with his moving the DNC headquarters to Chicago? I find that suspicious as all get out.

  7. Under The Hill Says:

    Thank you, velvethammer. :)

    Base of power? Temporary headquarter for this electoral season? Maybe it’s the Ferris Wheel they wanted to ride on: going round and round to nowhere, typical of Democratic politics?

  8. velvethammer Says:

    Perhaps he wants to be closer to his ‘homeboys’ if ya get my drift. ;)

  9. Frenger Says:

    thank you for the post! I have been trying to get good information on whyObama would be goo, why he would be bad. But itseems like only the SUPER liberals are for him and only the SUPER conservatives against him. (I have heard from those in the center that they really dont care although, they favor him over Mccain.)
    I have never heard any considerable reason why he would be good for America, other than he’s black and has a nice smile.
    I have heard much against him, but mostly just out conservatives who are against ANY type of pro-choice anything.
    Can you tell me where I can get a good, deep view into what he is about? (his website just totes around how hopeful we should be)

  10. Frenger Says:

    ooh wow sorry I meant why obama would be good not goo… So sorry for many spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Its 1:04 and i have no caffiene in my system

  11. Under The Hill Says:

    Frenger, thank you for your comments. You can look up lgf for deep view on Obama. ;)

  12. anastasia beeverhousen Says:

    what i don’t understand, is why people are so against obama, but so FOR mccain? mccain is a good person, i’ll give him that, but he shares so many similarities with bush. what obama offers us is change, which is what this economy needs. we elect mccain and we get no change, just a deeper ride into a broken down economy. i am not someone who believes politics is the most important thing, because honestly politics are overrated. however, i think if we as americans want the economy to change at all, obama is our best bet right now. mccain is the safe candidate, and obama is the candidate of change. you do the math.

  13. Under The Hill Says:

    The real question I’ve been asking ever since Obama brought this one up from the beginning of his campaign: what kind of changes does he wanted with the United States of America?

    In addition, what kind of changes Americans of all kinds are expecting out of Obama’s “visions”? What EXACTLY are these so-called “changes” Obama wanted? He’s not telling us the whole story nor he’s selling us any idea of what to expect from his “change” visions should he becomes the President. His people, his “insider” supporters are keeping mums because they don’t wanted anything from their agendas be revealed or exposed as far as Obama still has to win the national election first. Once he wins, they’re in and they might pull out the rug from under the American people and shake off so rudely, claiming that it is all about “CHANGE”!

    Politics are overrated? And I thought people and the media are overrating politics by sheer punditry and scripted entertainment. The American economy is still strong, changing and growing, in spite of financial problems and pains so far. It’s a good bet that all the gloom and doom we’ve been seeing or hearing about the US economy is just a very clever psychological trick for rival economic powers and Bush is very good at poker. ;)

  14. Frank Easterling Says:

    Never underestimate the military.

  15. samus Says:

    this has been an interesting presidential race.

    (unrelated blogsite removed)

  16. Jd[Obama] Says:

    Hey Velvet Hammer Although i respect your thoughts and your view, i strongly disagry with you. Barack Obama’s goals are exactly what ppl want and need: Ethics Healthcare, Removal of our troops from iraq, education plans, the oil dependency issue, fighting the climate change and more…And at least barack obama can stick with his words Lol McCain need to keep his words straight watch this video and you will understand he denies things and then twists it up “oh yea im all for tax cuts” “oh no no no i voted against tax cuts”

    Make Up Your Mind McCain!!!

  17. William Says:

    For the folks above who are winning about Mr. Obama not having been born in this country, may I point out that Mr. McCain wasn’t born in the U.S. either. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone. So let us all cut the crap and focus on the issues that are important, especially the economy.

    Obama ’08.

  18. Clint Says:

    where are the facts? most of this is just assumptions and opinions.

  19. Under The Hill Says:

    That’s your opinion, Clint. The facts are from my observations of Obama in his campaign since 2007.

  20. Emily Says:

    F*** obama hes gonna get shot if he wins…period.

    (edited for profanity, however, threat of violence/assassination is not appropriate please)

  21. kelby Says:

    terrorism does not exist it is an opinion.

  22. Under The Hill Says:

    Wow, that’s incredible wisdom, kelby! I’m awestruck. Who wouldn’t think of it?!

  23. Sigourney~ Says:

    I thought republicans were for LESS government, but now they’re getting involved with the collapse of AIG, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac?? And also for fiscal prudency?? Now, with the events that are unfolding presently, it is fairly obvious that has definitely NOT been the case.
    My opinion is that we need to rejuvinate our country, try things differently, and that terrifies people. Their thoughts begin to become overrun with ideas of socialism. If we want to live in a great country that has the citizens in mind, shouldn’t we all want to contribute? I realize that overseas there are plenty of dangerous threats, but why this imperialistic attitude? We need to stop believing fear tactics used by politicians to keep us scared! We need to stand up and use our voices! We need to keep our own country strong before trying to pump life into a hopeless cause! Barack Obama may have ACQUANTICES who are describes as “the most anti-american scum” but I believe Barack Obama possesses a quality that not a lot of people possess: the ability to speak to any individual and recognize that regardless of their faults, opinions, and beliefs they are HUMAN BEINGS. The malicious attempts to try and undoubtedly link him to these people are pathetic, and also a CLEAR example of how scared we all really are.

  24. Under The Hill Says:

    Sigourney, thank you for your comment.

    Please explain to me why Obama sent his anti-free speech goons to Missouri to squash his critics over anti-Obama TV ads, which the Governor of Missouri likened to the Sedition Acts?

    While the McCain campaign did not once send anyone to state officials to squash critics of Gov. Palin, the Obama campaign has been busily sending their people to squash free speech criticism of Obama by prodding state law officials and enforcement officers to commit unAmerican/criminal actions against fellow American citizens.

    Obama may seem like a pleasant fellow but, clearly, some of his people and backers represent the worst sort of unAmerican kind in the country, the kind that would rather throw right-wingers, conservatives and Christians into internment camps and keep America under a far-left, one-party dictatorship. The fear and concern are pretty much real.

  25. Sigourney~ Says:

    First of all, no one has actually been prosecuted so your argument is weak. Also, where is the proof that Obama himself set this into motion? Everyone involved are Obama supporters who recognized the ads were misleading (some are even outright lies) and took it upon themselves to “set the record straight.” Barack Obama voted to ban semi automatic weapons 10 years ago, which obviously did not happen. More recently, he has said that it is ok for states and cities to determine the local gun laws. The ad was definitely misleading.

    Obama has had to deal with so many scandalous lies about his character, religion, and beliefs during this campaign and yet he is still resilient. He is far more truthful than McCain.

  26. Under The Hill Says:

    D’oh, you did not read carefully: there was an attempt by the Obama campaign to get Missouri state officials to goes after a TV station for the ads. Watch the video from the local TV news in St. Louis.

  27. Roy Says:

    Whoever wrote this article is a freaking idiot! There’s always an imbecile, lunatic, or a moron in the crowd. Do you really think that the DNC was going to allow a man to represent the Democratic Party and possibly become leader of the free world without checking his background out? You know, people who feed into this BS are just spineless, low-life, jellyfish that don’t deserve the time of day. You would probably like another old, white, cancerous, warmonger serving in the White House wouldn’t you?

  28. Under The Hill Says:

    Roy, you never has the power of observation in your life? Methinks thou doth protest too much.

  29. Under the trea Says:

    Wow. Some of the respondants are angry about the truth. Who is Obama? An appropriate question for a man that hasn’t been around long enough for us to know him. I do know one thing and that is the people who DO know him are the last people any patriotic man would want anywhere around the White House. And these men LOVE him…that tells me everything I need to know.

  30. Bernice01 Says:

    For the folks above who are winning about Mr. Obama not having been born in this country, may I point out that Mr. McCain wasn’t born in the U.S. either. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone. So let us all cut the crap and focus on the issues that are important, especially the economy.

    Obama ‘08.

    William, for your information the Panama canal was territory and controlled from 1903 to 1979 by the United Stated of America. Therefore, Mr.McCain IS a US citizen and he doesn’t hide the fact that he was born in Panama. On the other hand Mr. Obama hides a lot of things that does matter. I don’t know…theres just something about Obama that’s fishy….

    (Edited to blockquote William’s post for Bernice01’s response.)

  31. Under The Hill Says:

    According to Samuel E. Morison, who wrote a book called the Two-Ocean War: A Short History of the United States Navy in the Second World War (Naval Institute Press 2007), remarked that the Panama Canal was still under the control of the US at the time of McCain’s birth (his father was assigned to Coco Solo Naval Air Station there). Until 1979, the Panama Canal Zone was still a US territory, then it was gradually switched to the controls of the Panama’s government before the end of 1999. Any baby born on a US military base or US embassy outside the USA from naturalized American citizens, including military personnel, is still a US citizen.

    This ends this very subject of McCain’s US citizenship.

  32. dillon Says:

    wow, its like a tennis match. My question is what will mccain do for our economy. sure, our economy can take it. Let’s end up in a few more trillions in debt. Large companies are going bankrupt and dropping like flies. American people are barely getting by, people are loosing there homes, but yeah we’re fine. Those of you who are so for winning the war on terror and talking all that trash, you should go and sign up for the army right now, and die invein if you want to. I intend to vote for someone who wants to save this country, and then maybe we might have something left to protect. Even if we win this war on terror, look at all what it cost us.

  33. Siris Says:

    i just have a generalized statement.
    If you are a obama supporter then you should petiton to release his original real birth certificate. If it says that he isnt born in this country. then all votes in the polls should be eliminated and for obama and and everyone needs to revote for their canidate that WAS born in the country that they are trying to be the leader and commander of. otherwise if he does get elected and shows this info after you are all idiots!

  34. Logan Says:

    i love it how both parties say im gunna make america great again… it was great when it was run under the constitution before 1913, not some political party with there own agenda. regardless…obama will do fine seeing how u know he wont be making any moves with out us watching and telling him what to do, thats what we need… not someone that says ill make it better doing it my way… its our way, our country… wake up, we are the people we are what makes the goverment and what makes this country, people just want to sit back and watch there tvs and have there microwave dinners and drive around, as long as no one effects that they dont care…. little late this post is but still effective.

  35. Jessi Says:

    Obama is in favor of “change.” That’s just great, but what exactly is he going to change? He wants to use money for EXPLORATION…we don’t need to explore, we’ve explored and we know where the oil is. We have oil right here in the US! We’ve known where’s its been for a long time now, instead of outsourcing and buying resources from other countries we should be utilizing our own resources. The worth of our dollar bill has decreased because our economy is in a downward slope right now, this is not necessarily the fault of Bush; if you do some research, you’ll notice that history repeats itself, afterall what goes up must come down. So while the economy may have been doing great when Clinton was in office, sure some of the bills he passed helped our economy but it wasn’t all Him.
    This business with Iraq and Iran? That didn’t just “happen” while Bush was in office. Does noone remember Clinton’s Iraq policy and his eagerness to launch missiles their way? Desert Fox? anyone? US troops were deployed to Iraq, not to undermine Suddam’s dictatorship but to destroy and remove any nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons of mass destruction. However, I guess you could Clinton became a little too trigger happy and in his eagerness to launch missiles, failed to keep in mind the original mission or reason we(US) was over there. So i guess you could say that Bush was just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. And although war is not an ideal for anyone, when 9/11 happened you bet your bottom dollar that most Americans were in favor of going over seas and ripping Suddam a new one! if you catch my drift….
    Also a huge problem i have with Obama……o man, this gets under my skin sooo bad….
    Obama is in FAVOR of LIVE BIRTH ABORTION! also known as INFANTICIDE! Infanticide- the KILLING of fully born infants! who have survived a failed abortion attempt. Some of these babies were then left for hours in Soiled linen closets to die, ALONE. LIVING BABIES LEFTOUT to DIE! These babies are issued both BIRTH and DEATH certificates.
    How messed up in the head can you get? really?
    Barack Obama opposed the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” which was legislation designed to stop this rediculous and barbarick practice of leaving live babies out to die. This “Change” that Obama speaks of……..hmmm how to put this…well this legislation passed on a federal level 98 to nothing, uncontested! Every democrat in the US senate voted for this Act, even the Prochoice group NARAL went neutral on this, but Obama…o no….he was in favor of infanticide, and voted to protect INFANTICIDE! ok, so he claims to have been uneducated about this bill…BS! he voted for it 3!! yeah you read that correctly 3 times! Not 1, not 2, but 3 times….thats not a “mistake,” he knew what he was doing.
    So there….I said it. Im off my soapbox now. I know this is a little too late to do anything, but maybe it’ll change some of your perspectives….

    PS….Say hello to your new president. because this is what he’s really like. Who’s excited to have “change” now?

    O yes, and Democracy is a corrupt system. No matter where you go in this world, everyplace has a corrupt political system, thats a fact!

  36. OBAMA SUCKS Says:


  37. Josh Says:

    have will more taxes change things, the companies will just raise their prices anyway, not to mention that more people will lose their jobs. not to mention that he has no experience in foreign affairs, will deplete the military which will cost more American lives, he has never given a clear answer on what he plans to do. its all smooth talk and people are buying into it, its pathetic.
    vote for the issues, not the man.

    “actions speak louder than words”

  38. Josh Says:

    “we” will….

  39. Jessica Says:

    Jessi, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! I mean, come on! killing unborn infants is wrong in the first place, but killing them if they servive? CRAZY!! If we go killing off all of our kids, we will end up with to many old people and not enough young, and if ppls go around against there correct sex, we are going to get even lower on kids cause gays cant have kids! And Obama said in a interview once that he was very strong in his Muslim faith, and the reporter had to say, you mean christian. Well him being a christian is big fat crap! If he was, he wouldn’t support gays or abortion! This guy has little to no experince and has chrisma! THAT is why so many people like him! He could even lead to the bible being a hate book with all this stuff about gays! And think, whats next? Old man and child? Person and animal? The sociaty will get worse and worse for what we think it is ok to do and love! It is man and woman. No other combonations will get you kids NORMALLY! I dont know what our countrys electors were THINKING!!! And Obama has said he wont pull the troops out, cause Bush called in all of the canidates to a confrence and told them why the troops had to stay! Dont ask me what, I wasnt there!!!
    Anyways, thats what I think. Sorry for ranting. I just had to get it out!! :D

  40. Maxamus Says:

    I just wanted to say Obama is not black! stop saying it please! I mean honestly I understand that our world has changed from what it was to what it is now. And yes a lot of racial people are out there, but they shouldnt vote for him because of his ethnicity. And besides that, a lot of stupid kids that might be “black, brown, yellow, or purple” think they are better people because of who their president is. Ok so Obama is part black, and although hes looked at as a black man, I see him as a highly cultured president of the united states, and he should be labled as that and to every student/child/person. well I just think that the whole racial thing should just stop. I mean if a mostly white guy that had 20% black in him with a shaved head went for president with the same skills as Obama would it be a lot different? It would still change history if thats what Obamas main change was, and maybe thats not his main change but its something that he did. Honestly I feel its ok to say “nigga” now to my homies because my presidents black. but hes not black is he! thank you for reading I’m a white boy that loves black girls! thank you

  41. Under The Hill Says:

    Maxamus, people who keep pointing out the skin color of a politician is more likely to be a latent or openly racist than people who don’t. The race-card politics is tiresome and annoying.

    Obama’s skin color/race is less and less of an issue with me. His politics is a greater issue, in spite of his upbringing and background, which identified with peoples of similar upbringing/backgrounds and that had reflected the characteristics of his contemporary politics. Now, he needs to be less keen in his root politics and more on the politics of the nation that do not always and generally reflect his own. Obama needs to remember, and be reminded often, there are Americans who do not always agree with the politics of the left and race-card politics.

    That being said, it’s not appropriate to say the n-word to your “homies” just because of Obama. If we are to reduce ourselves to the language of the “homies” (or hip-hop/black culture terms) just because of Obama, then we are no better as Americans. We have to do better than that – by stop perpetuating race-card politics and stereotypes. It’s time to grow up. Thank you for your comment.

  42. Kenny Says:


  43. Logan S. Says:

    Obama isn’t a great Prez, he supports killing the woman’s baby before its even born (as in a human baby not a monkey baby to all your stubborn atheist people) I could already tell he wasn’t an actual Christian when he said he supported that and homosexluality (2 men or 2 women) obviously you need a penis and a vagina to make a human a butt hole won’t or vaginal/vaginal won’t male sperm and a female eggg can make a human baby, plus didn’t Obama also supported pedophiles? (Or was that someone else working for Obama?)

    Editor’s note: You are referring to Kevin Jennings.

  44. Max Says:

    I don’t know if I can take this post seriously or not. And Obama was NOT born a Muslim. I REPEAT IT IN CAPS! OBAMA WAS NOT BORN A MUSLIM!!!! That’s just a stupid rumor. Much like that rumor that some white guy posted about Obama being his gay lover, only THIS rumor is easier to believe so people believe it…
    I say, give Obama a chance. People are expecting too much from him. He IS inexperienced and it’s kinda hard to get out of the hole our last president got us into so just be glad that it’s not getting worse.

  45. Max Says:

    and to the guy above me (Logan S)…. you take EVERYTHING out of context. Just because Obama is technically pro-choice doesn’t mean he “supports killing the woman’s baby before it’s born”. But you have to understand that making abortion illegal would be just like the internet: people would still find ways to do it. And NO Obama did not support pedophiles lol

  46. pickle chip288 Says:

    obama is the best candidate.everyone has flaws but he fits this position best.

  47. jack p Says:

    i hate websites like this, because the people who make the website actually pay to make it, which would make it a 75% chance that they’re republican. so he/she could favor the republican in politics, rather than honestly choosing the pro’s and cons

  48. Under The Hill Says:

    Jack p, I have never gotten paid for this blog. It’s all voluntary work, independently of any influence of a political party. The pros and cons are my own and no one else. Honest.

  49. Thomas m Says:

    i think that as americans we should stand by our president no matter what, terrorist strike when they see weakness.
    and right now our country is at its weakest. so please, next time you want to hate on a president, dont. because that could be you some day, and if you say “ill never be president.” then remember, you wouldnt do his job

  50. Serenity Says:

    ok all you guys are trying to do is put the man down i mean give him a chance every president has pros and cons even hillary and john so what is the point of this well it did help me with my social studies homework but all this putting down stuff is just plain mean oh and my real name is morgan email me at if you think different or regret what i said oh and by the way karen you are smart he should have chose her but she is secratary of state instead by the way obama has not did nothing but help us americans

  51. NOBAMA Says:

    I honestly don’t know how you can disagree with anyone in this blog. NO(bama)’s healthcare plan isn’t going to do anything good for this country. All of this change he is talking about is absolute bullshit. Yeah, he is pulling people from Iraq, but he is sending them to Afganistan….where we DO NOT need to be. Of course your a democrat, but until u know all the facts, just stop talking.

  52. OBAMA FAN... NOT Says:

    Im a youngen but obama seems terrible because of his health care plan, pro-abortion, and taxes. All the money from taxes just goes to gov’t officials and it all sucks

  53. O.B.A.M.A. Says:

    (One Big Ass Mistake America)

    NOBAMA, you’re the man

  54. America Says:

    The people on this website, are just dumb-asses. They have no real reason to hate Obama.(he is anticrist) Bull Shit!! He is for abortion. So. Why is it that we only focus on the cons of obama instead of both. And if you are against obama for abortion you should be against bush for the same thing. cuz just years ago he had it arange for he’s girl friend to get an abortion. And why do we put in the news dat he smoke, when half of the presidents did the same thang. So for all my obama haters get some real facts. (why is it mostly south states and country areas dat hate him).

  55. Justin Says:

    Does it really matter if he’s from America or not? I, for one, don’t think that he needs to release a copy of his birth certificate. That’s none of our business. He’s a human. He’s a good man. He is our president. “The worst part about Obama is…” — that he may not be a “US citizen”? One, that’s total BS. And two, even if he was born a Muslim and/or from a different country, it shouldn’t affect our perspective of him and his family. It takes more than two years to turn everything around, and the American citizens are too codependent to understand that it’s not the figurehead of our nation that’s the impetus change, but it’s within ourselves – the ability to identify and transcend how our beliefs are applied socially and governmentally. I really believe that people need to grow up. I am 17 years old, and I know nearly nothing about US history (but the basics, plus some.) All I know is that I’m happy the way I am and I’m happy how I have not only freedom in this country, but citizenship to one of the greatest nations to have ever existed on this planet. Whether or not our 200+ year old USA survives, all I know is that I only have about 70 potential years to live… why waste it on trying to debate with people over politics? I don’t need a job through the government. It’s called conformity, and I’m not a conformist. I create my own jobs, I learn from the best… I school where I want and when I want, and I am pretty damn intelligent and talented. I’m not here to toot my own horn, but seriously… who cares if Barack Obama is black? Muslim? Kenyan, Hawaiian, Chinese, Lebanese, Irish, Alien? Blue? I don’t give two sh*ts. He’s a good man. Who cares if you have to pay a few extra tax dollars. Get over it… at least you have OPPORTUNITY in this country. We’re so forgetful and ungrateful for all of the beautiful and luxurious things that we are able to obtain. It takes some brains and some guts and a good family background — or wait, even a bad family background — to get you to where you want to be. I’m on the right track, and it may suck that taxes get taken out for the “welfare” *cough, cough* of Mountain Dew-drinking, cigarette smoking, liquor-gulping, liars. As far as I know, I’ve been working my ass off to be able to achieve my goals and get what I want. If anything, this country needs to get off its ass and start reading some Emerson. It’s time to be self-reliant.

  56. Kanaan Says:


  57. Bryce Teddiesta Gadson Says:

    under the hill you sound a little biased with the cons bro

  58. Bryce Teddiesta Gadson Says:

    Plus so what if he isn’t a christian, he’s a human being who has a right to believe in any deity of his choice! Wow people can be so prejudice and why illegalize abortion, it’s that persons choice whether they keep the baby it dosen’t make them less of a person

  59. F outta here Says:

    Con: He’s a well educated black man
    pro: blah blah blah

    Lets get BUSH back!!!!

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