Materialism is the Triumph of Human Creativity

I am in absolute agreement with Dr. Sanity’s blog about why materialism is so important to all of us: any good you buy as an essential matter, a functional purpose, or for pleasure/entertainment, is made by people who are inspired or moved to create, produce, market and sell them en masse, as in sharing the triumph of human creativity, innovation and wealth creation. It should spurn you to buy, to enjoy, to inspire, to improve or to innovate and to expand/provoke the mind and the spirit in all of us.

However, Dr. Sanity warned that Obama’s redistribution of the wealth can lead to the enslavement of the human mind, as it is the very modus operandi of the neo-Marxists. Please read it all to the end and THEN THINK VERY CAREFULLY after that! Read this excellent excerpt below from Dr. Sanity:

By appreciating those goods and services, we pay homage to the human mind.

By purchasing those goods and services, we honor human creativity as we pursue that which we value and which gives our lives meaning.

By enjoying the material things that make my life easier and more enjoyable, we are celebrating the human spirit.

By means of materialism –pursuing wealth, money and objects–free people happily provide the means by which many humans can benefit from the imagination of one. In other words, we contribute to the advancement of humanity from poverty to wealth; from homelessness to shelter; from hunger to satiety.

By embracing materialism and honoring the human mind, we are embracing the the highest spiritual and mental development of humanity.

The reason to enjoy and appreciate all those materialistic “things” is because they are human thought made visible. When we give “objects” to people we love those objects become concrete expressions of our love. And, as physical beings living in a physical world, it is a function of our essential nature to translate the abstract, the intangible, the non-corporeal–the spiritual, if you will–into reality.

What those who constantly lecture us about the “shallowness” of pursuing material things forget–as they busily attempt to limit our ability to create, let alone pursue them–is that human freedom is inextricably bound up in that “shallow” pursuit. In fact, next time you enter a store and see the incredible variety of wonders for sale–no matter how silly or trivial or “non-essential” they may be–remember that every single one of them is a concrete expression of a human mind. Every time you buy one of those goods (interesting name for material things, no?), you are celebrating the freedom of that mind.

Take Apple, for a perfect example. iPod. iPhone. iMac. Take Viable for another good example. Sony products. Amazon Kindle. Microsoft Xbox 360. Coca Cola. Honda automobiles. Blackberry or T-Mobile Sidekick. All these great foods and things in the grocery stores. Movies from Hollywood. And so many mores.

Now, please tell me why are you supporting the redistribution of the wealth by taxing and squeezing out the very companies that made these products for you now and in the future? Do you wanted the Obama administration to dictate how the companies should make their goods and decide how you, the consumers, should get or not get?

The neo-Marxists only wanted to enslave you and they got their man in the White House to do it for them.

You have a choice in buying any good(s) you wanted or needed or not at all, don’t let the government and the Left tell you otherwise. The magic unicorns do not exist and make things appear out of thin air for you.

Americans to give up Parental Rights to raise children to the UN?

The UN-loving progressive liberals are insane: they would like the UN to enforce laws on how parents should raise their children in all countries under the pretense of human right treaty on children. Only if Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer of California have it her way to push the Obama administration to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Hat-tip to Yid with Lid (read it all). The United States and Somalia are the only countries that does not ratify the 20 years old treaty (Clinton refused the ratification, Bush rejected the treaty; Somalia has no legal government to recognize/ratify the treaty since 1990).

Conservatives and parental right advocates are adamantly opposed to it, citing that it is a covert Orwellian measure to wrest away the rights of parents from raising their children as they see fit, to erode sovereignty of the nations (and its laws concerning children) and parental responsibility. The notion of “for the sake of the children!” is the most malicious heart-stringing excuse to prod clueless people with children into thinking that it must be all to protect the children without ever thinking of what it could mean for THE PARENTS!


But legal experts say the convention does nothing to protect human rights abroad — and that acceding to the convention would erode U.S. sovereignty.

Because of the Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the Constitution, all treaties are rendered “the supreme law of the land,” superseding preexisting state and federal statutes. Any rights or laws established by the U.N. convention could then be argued to hold sway in the United States.

“To the extent that an outside body, a group of unaccountable so-called experts in Switzerland have a say over how children in America should be raised, educated and disciplined — that is an erosion of American sovereignty,” said Steven Groves, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

Parental rights groups are similarly stirred; they see in the U.N. convention a threat that the government will meddle with even the simplest freedoms to raise their children as they see fit.

“Whether you ground your kids for smoking marijuana, whether you take them to church, whether you let them go to junior prom, all of those things . . . will be the government’s decision,” said Michael Farris, president of “It will affect every parent who’s told their children to do the dishes.” From FoxNews article.

Apparently, Sen. Boxer felt the human rights treaty on children is far more important than the U.S. Constitution, hoping that it would help the UN and unaccountable children experts on how to dictate parents raising and educating children as the UN see fit. Does Sen. Boxer presumes American parents have no business in raising and educating children and that the government should be the parents of all children in the name of human rights?

This is wrong on every level. As a parent, you should be outraged at this human right treaty on children masquerading as the excuse to take away your parental rights. It is not a noble cause when it can be used for that reason.

There should be a separate treaty outlawing child prostitution, children being used for slavery or recruited for warfare, specific religious laws used to punish or attack children, and children being punished for changing/escaping a religion. It is simple and common sense enough.

Disturbing Poll From Muslims Worldwide: Support killing US Civilians Increase

World Public recently released a new report on polls showing that the majority of Muslims in the Islamic countries favor the removal of U.S. forces from these countries while an increasing percentage of Muslims support the killing of civilians in the U.S. or any country, notwithstanding the majority of them disapprove of such actions.


The Jawa Report has a nice breakdown of the polls. Read it all. This pisses me off on all levels – the increasing percentage of approval and mixed feelings for killing American civilians indicated to me that the attitude of Muslims worldwide toward Americans has not changed since before the 9/11 attacks.

I am totally opposed to Islamic supremacism and the imposition of Islam anywhere in the world. I don’t care what you think or sympathize/empathize with Muslims, there is NO such thing as moderate Islam. Especially, Islam is not entirely compatible with representative democracy and pluralism in the truest sense. While democracy exist in very few Islamic countries, radical Islamists in these countries are willing to use the mechanics of democracy to impose sharia laws and then get rid of democracy and minorities’ rights for good once the Islamists have accomplished the tasks.

The points of representative democracy are to give the minorities equal opportunity to participate in the countries’ affairs, protect minorities’ rights, curtail/limit the tyrannical powers of the majority, and to fight against political extremism or religious supremacy. The Islamists does not care for the above points.

That is why Islam and Western (representative) democracy are so far apart, because the Islamists does not wanted to co-govern with the secular, the Christians, and other minorities in any country. The support for killing U.S. civilians is a long-term social goal of frightening you Americans to submit to the Islamists. Al Qaeda wins.

No way. Not now. Not ever.

UPDATE: Debbie Schlussel blogged about a Somalian has been radicalized in my former hometown, Minneapolis, according to the FBI. A sign of things to come. Rent and watch the movie, “Traitor” and you will get the idea.

The day when radicalized American Muslims committing terrorist attacks against American civilians in America will be the darkest day in the American history. Nothing will ever be the same.

Cats to be tagged as mass murderers?!

cute_kittyIs your outdoor cat a potential mass murderer? Your little kitty cat could be electronically tagged and tracked one day by the government to ensure that it doesn’t commit horrible *cough-cough* murder against those poor, innocent but rapacious pests and mice out there. I bet PETP (People for Ethical Treatment of Pests) is behind this fiendish plot.

Seriously, this is just about the dumbest thing there is: an university research group is given a government grant to conduct a trial study of 240+ cats to determine how many kills these murderous assassins cats made per day. Hello?! They are supposed to do what Nature rightly endowed them to do!

What the hell is wrong with these people?! Most outdoor cats are by nature predators. It is what they are designed for! Bringing balance to nature is how they do it outside.

From Daily article: Cats to be tagged to show if they’re mass murderers. An insensitive woman named Clare from Bath, England showed her vile hatred of kitties: Cats should be culled – filthy, disgusting animals. But another poster has the right idea: Why dont we tag the researchers to find out if we get value for money from the grants they receive?

I’m up for that! :)

If some nimrods in the government think it is a great idea to do something about cats’ “homicidal tendencies” and to preserve pests’ rights, you could pretty much expect your cats to receive welfare checks someday and end up like this below:



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How Much You Will Pay For the Bailout?

Go to this website for the Bailout Calculator. Input your annual income and the number of people in your family (if you’re single, you count yourself as 1). Click “calculate” and you’ll see the results. Big shocker. Why should we have to pay for corporate failures? Sign the petition to send a stern message to the U.S. Congress or you’re okay with being robbed blind for a long time.

Ubercool Art and Design by Daniel Simon

Fantastic, futuristic superfast vehicles, hot women and strange aliens, what more you could ask for? Check out this fantastic arts and concepts of Daniel Simon. He’s currently working on the new Disney sequel to TRON, TRON 2. Click on “Design, art and photography” and “Cosmic Motors” for the really great stuff.

He is hailed as the next “Syd Mead“, the most famous futuristic artist (and a favorite artist of mine) who did many great stuff for the automaking companies and Hollywood for over 4 decades.

Ancient Atlantis Founded At Last?

UPDATE: Debunked? See below this blog.

About 3.5 miles below the sea level, on the floor of Atlantic Ocean, there seem to be a massive non-natural type of structure revealed for the first time, thanks to the latest version of Google Earth, which offered the newest images of the world’s ocean floors. It is quite an incredibly discovery. The of UK posted this article not too long ago. Thanks to a good source, I obtained the specific latitude and longtitude numbers of the location so I can verify it. Sure enough, to my surprise, it is right there. I took three screenshots of what I just saw, see below (click on each to expand to full size):




My head is spinning from this. This is indeed quite amazing. It reinforces my long-held beliefs that there had been some kind of a major civilization over 10,000 years ago. It might be the long-lost Atlantis but it might not be at all. Although, it may have inspired the lore of the legendary Atlantis as told by the Greek philosopher, Plato in 350 B.C.

I hope scientists can get the ships out there and send the deep submersibles to investigate down there. It could be the greatest find of the new millennium. :)

UPDATE (10:00 am): Debunked? has the low-down on this weirdness: The sea bed imagery comes from a variety of bathymetry sources, including the SIO (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), and Mr Sandwell added the false underwater canyons so that they could see where the SIO’s data was being used.

Dang! It’s not anything resembling the long-lost Atlantis. Oh, well. Someday, somewhere, we’ll find it.

Dumb Cop Pulls Man Over for anti-Obama sign

This is why common sense is sorely and severely lacking in the US, especially among some law enforcement and elected officials, bureaucrats and citizens! In this article, an Oklahoma City police officer, the ironically named Steve McCool, pulled over a driver for an anti-abortion sign that has Obama’s name on it: Abort Obama, not the unborn. He also confiscated the sign and place the driver under investigation. Later, the police division’s Internal Affairs dept. called the driver to say the matter was dropped and ask where to return the sign.

This police officer is a frakking moron who failed the common sense test somehow. Interpreting the sign differently, as a threat and a safety issue? My ass. He overreacted, plain and simple. He should have check with his superiors at a divisional HQ before he could become instant Obama stormtrooper pulling over every driver who has an anti-Obama sign. Then we have a sudden Obama police state! Sheesh.

Now the driver had the Secret Service came over to his house, spent 30 minutes interviewing him and his family and walked all over the house to make sure he’s not part of any “hate” group. I’m sure it’s a standard precautious measure but it is still disturbing and scary for any innocent individual or family who has the right to dissent/disagree under the First Amendment. Constitutional rights cannot be trudged over on something like that and the law enforcement officials best needed to be reminded of that.

I had seen some signs and bumper stickers calling for termination or abortion of Bush (but no mention of the unborn) in the last 8 years and yet these people get away with it with nary the experience as this driver and his family had endured. I hope he sues the Oklahoma City Police Department and wins and this Steve McNotCool find another line of work.

As long as he passes the common sense test.

DeafReaders Politically Ignorant or Don’t Care? A Poll

Given the disappointing lack of responses and interest from DeafReaders (and Deaf Village readers) over my blog or DCRepublicans blog on the particular subjects with politics, the stimulus package bill and the U.S. economy. Mike of DCR and I have come to a conclusion that the majority of the Deaf/deaf/HoH community may be either politically ignorant or don’t really care about these subjects. My money’s on the latter than the former (I’m riding on it, baby!).

So, I am curious about you all. Click on this poll below to express your real understanding/knowledge about American politics and the economy. Thank you! :)

Obama to sign the Generational Theft Act of 2009 in Denver

President Obama is expected to sign into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Generational Theft Act of 2009 today in Denver. It is most unfortunate that this act, while it may only stimulate the U.S. economy to a real uncertain degree, would consign your children and grandchildren to the life of being third-world serfs for an elitist, technocratic and totalitarian America. In my opinion, it could be a giant set-up to render obsolete the U.S. Constitution and dissolve the United States of America for all we know, but I digress.

Are DeafReaders and Deaf/deaf bloggers who voted for Obama looking forward to that with excitement or apprehension?

You know, even most economists pointed out that FDR’s New Deal stimulus spending did not really pull America out of the Great Depression but rather made it worse before 1940. It took a World War and the lives of millions to pull America and the world out of it. With that in mind, are we heading toward for a catastrophic event or another world war in a similar fashion after the Great Crash of 2008? I don’t know but some signs may point toward it, all depending on how Obama is doing so far as President of the USA. His recent decisions and policies may be already portending some unfortunate disasters to come.

This stimulus spending act is a giant social progressive package that would only prolong the recession, expand the powers of the federal bureaucracy over the U.S. economy, dictating what’s good and what’s not, undercut market competition and keep more people unemployed for the duration until the mid-term election of 2010. Recently, Pres. Obama told the crowd gathered at the Caterpillar Plant in Peoria, Illinois last week:

We’ve gotta spend some money now to pull us out of this recession. But as soon as we’re out of this recession we’ve gotta get serious about living within our means instead of leaving debt for our children and grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. That’s not the responsible way. That’s not how folks here in Peoria operate in their own lives and they should expect the government is equally responsible.”

What the hell?! He just gave us the preview that his administration is all about dictating your way of life according to the government’s say-so, not yours! Another sign that you all are about to be low-income serfs living below such means on only government terms and because your elitist “Dear Leader” says so!

You will see the shattering toll of us Americans paying $3.27 trillion in taxes for the next 10 years in this chart below (hat-tip to Mike, Gateway):


Worse, Deaf bloggers who supported Obama are either absolutely clueless or just drinking too much Kool Aid, not willing to acknowledge the enormous deficit Obama/Democrats’ stimulus package will generate over the time. When Bush was President, all they did was bitching how Bush was going to deepen the deficit while the war was on, exceeding that of Reagan-years deficit but failed to consider the after-effects of tax cuts which actually helped lessening the deficit in Bush’s final years, at least until September 2008.


If you wanted a real preview of what is to come in Obama’s America, you can look at what has happened to Venezuela under Hugo Chavez so far. The man has recently been given a forced electoral mandate to make himself el President-Dictator for life. Bye bye to Venezuela’s democracy and liberties.


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