70 Years Ago, the Martians Came, America Panicked by a Terror Hoax

On Oct. 30, 1938, Orson Welles panicked America (and the world, too) with an amazing radio broadcasting about the aliens from Mars arriving and invading the United States, attacking state militias and civilians and poised to strike New York City from New Jersey. Then, Welles ended it with a revelation that it had all been a dramatic performance for Halloween entertainment, basing his radio narration on H.G. Wells’ book, The War of the Worlds. However, the public was outraged with CBS for the radio hoax and demanded explanations and punishment. Welles was censured. The full story can be read here. The collage graphic below was done by me, with a quote attributed from Jordan Maxwell. It’s pretty self-explanatory. ;)

Rob’s Wisdom of the Day

My wisdom of the day:

The extremity of the Left begets the extremity of the Right or vice versa, to a great extent on governance, law and public policy of the country and its future. Thus, it is better not to go too far for an ideology’s sake. Practicality and common sense matter the most.

You’ll know what I mean when you click on this and read the “letters”.

My first vlog to Deaf/HoH voters

This is my first vlog ever. Enjoy the show. :)

Comments are welcomed.

Remember your duty to vote on the Election Day.

Freedom of Speech by Norman Rockwell

Freedom of Speech by Norman Rockwell

With a special thank to R. Cooper for DVRing me.

25 Years Ago, 241 US Soldiers Killed in Beirut

On this very day, 25 years ago, Hezbollah – with Iran’s and Syria’s helps – sent a terrorist suicide squad to blow up the barracks containing US Marine soldiers stationed in Beirut as peacekeepers during the Lebanese civil war. When they did, the blast was the largest non-nuclear explosion ever occurred in the Mideast, killing 241 American servicemen, wounding many others; in addition to 58 French soldiers killed in a similar Hezbollah attack on that same day. That act ultimately forced President Ronald Reagan to order a US military withdrawal from Lebanon, perhaps the biggest mistake ever made in the US history – since Osama bin Laden cited that the 1984 US withdrawal from Lebanon as the very catalyst for America’s weakness in the eyes of Islamic terrorists, emboldened them to commit further attacks on American lives and interests for the next 25 years.

You can see all the pictures of the aftermath here.

A Wikipedia article of the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing.

Debbie Schlussel has a well-researched blog on who were really behind the bombing attack on the US soldiers in Beirut.

Dedicated to the 241 US soldiers, the 58 French soldiers, other victims and the survivors of the Islamic terrorist attacks 25 years ago. They will never be forgotten.

Buckypaper – the gamechanging product of the future

At long last… after many years being researched and developed in the scientific labs, the buckypaper – a thin sheet of carbon nanotubes 10 times lighter but up to 500 times stronger – is about to revolutize the entire world, publicly and commercially, in a very significant way. Named in the honor of Buckminster Fuller, the legendary inventor, architect and futurist, this unusual but powerful product of accidental nature through a chance scientific discovery could be applied as future composite materials for airlines, automobiles, laptops, TVs and other things with better energy-efficiency than the current composite materials.

Imagine you’re flying in an airline entirely made of buckypaper, going from New York to Los Angeles and back to NY for only $100.

Imagine you’re watching a 100 inches TV – made of buckypaper – as a part of the living room wall or any wall of your house.

Imagine you have kitchen and laundry appliances – made of buckypaper – for superior energy efficiency and keeping the water/gas/heat bills very, very low.

And so many more to imagine. ;)

Keep your eyes out for the coming buckypaper technology within the next decade. It’s the gamechanging product of the future.

Who Won the Final Debate Tonight? McCain? Obama?

Please click here for the poll:

Your vote counts! :)

20 days to go…

(psst… McCain won this debate! ;) )

Quote of the Day 10.14.08

My quote of the day:

Silencing free speech or dissent is a sure sign of mental instability and immaturity.

If you are into silencing or suppressing dissent or criticism, please seek professional help.

Just because Republicans or right-wing conservatives can criticize Barack Obama does not really mean they’re racist. Quite the contrary, the skin color is completely irrelevant to the issue, only the contents and character of Obama’s politics greatly concerned them, given his background in the last 2 decades. That being said, E. J. Dionne has gone off the deep end for his unfunny op-ed article from Washington Post. Following him to the abyss is Peter Ross Range, for his tacky article from Der Spiegel.

Let them have their says on a soapbox. People know better and smell the stench of venomous slams on free speech and the scrappy McCain campaign from a mile away.

Obamaniacs, have your say like it is. I will not silence you, all for the good of free speech, as long as you do not engage in personal attack, slandering, use foul language or threat against me (and others from the right side).

Captain America Movie Rumor: The Actor who will play Cap?

Reading from an interesting report from Mania.com about an easter egg within the recent summer movie, the Incredible Hulk, soon to come next week in wide DVD/Bluray release. It was very amusing and very clever on the director’s part. I checked out few other sites for any rumor about the Captain America movie that Marvel Studios is working on for the 2011 release. One rumor had Will Smith has been offered to play Captain America but Will Smith himself debunked that.

Then I saw this new rumor. There’s a picture of this actor and I thought, “Hmm….”. He has the right look and the right persona of the super-soldier Steve Roger but he doesn’t have the right physique (think of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson’s physique) of the Sentinel of Liberty. Maybe he might have to spend the whole year of working out and bulking up with a world-renown fitness trainer before he could step into the big red boots. The late Christopher Reeve did that before he dons the red cape as Superman many years ago.

Without much further ado, I’ll give you the actor who may play Captain America, if you just click on the image below to see the actor himself:

Currently, Mark Valley (highlight to see his name) the actor is casted as a bad guy on this new and spooky FOX TV show called “Fringe” (Tuesday night at 9 pm on FOX). We’ll have to see whether the rumor may be true or not. He could be born to play the role of Captain America. Seem like the right, logical choice to me.

Who are you really, Obama?

I don’t understand you, Obama. You’ve been riding high and mighty among the throng of your supporters, with the Democratic Party backing you all the way, after helping you crushed Hillary R. Clinton. You’ve been doing well with one-sided polls, smooth-talked mass campaign rallies and the recent 2nd debate in which the left side stated you’d handily won the debate over the cantankerous old warhorse from Arizona, but that not to said you’re winning all the way. Not yet, Barry.

But you, Obama, haven’t been really and completely honest with us about the real you and where did you truly came from? What’s with these other names you had? Barry Soetero? Slick Barry Obama? Barack or Barry Dunham? Special “O”? Okay, the last one is made-up but it seems perfectly suits you, as the Obamaniacs would like.

If you’re being two-faced with us Americans, you’re in trouble. In fact, this legal trouble is bounded to come up and bite you on the ass really soon. You are NOT the “messiah” America is waiting for. A real messiah do not attempt to fool peoples, take powers and lead peoples to something they wouldn’t do without strong, valid reasons why they should. Americans, for the most part, are fickle about politicians, candidates and Presidents. I hope you are reminded of President Abraham Lincoln when he said this. I know America isn’t perfect or holy and that we have many peoples professing different ideas, beliefs and solutions about the country under liberty. That what makes America great, unique and special! :)

You, Obama, cannot make or remake America to your own likings or ACORN’s or the Socialists’ or, God truly forbids, William Ayers’ likings. It is not that simple. Franklin D. Roosevelt didn’t make or remake America to his own likings, he made America to the likings of the majority of American citizens (he’d learn the hard way after he tried in his first term). Ditto for Ronald Reagan. John McCain ain’t gonna to make or remake America to his own, he would have to shakedown Washington, D.C. first, namely Congress and all of its pork spending craziness and bureaucratic entitlements, before he would turn to the country to get on with his programs, all before 2012 (that’s the next U.S. election season).

I’m not certain you do have a US citizenship, Barry. Your Kenyan grandmother said that she saw you born in a Kenyan hospital, with all of your half-siblings presented – or maybe she was confused with another Barack Hussein Obama at the same time when you were born in Hawaii? How can you be born at two different places at the same time, all outside the United States? That’s the sore sticking point.

Man up, Obama.

New Pat Condell’s Subtitled Video: Stop Sharia Law

Once again, Pat Condell delivers! This time, he has something to say to the cowards who flagged his YouTube video not too long ago that has gotten YouTube.com removed his video for violating of YT guidelines on “hate” speech. So criticizing Saudi Arabia for its backward religious laws and suppression of free speech is now considered as “hate” speech? Cowards and Islamist panderers doesn’t wanted you to know the truth about Saudi Arabia and its huge funding machine to covertly establish Wahhabi sharia courts in Europe and North America. Without much ado, I give you Pat Condell’s latest:

Click here for the subtitled video of “Stop Sharia Law in Britain”.


I also believe that the sharia courts which have been established here in Britain, and which reflect the mentally ill laws of Saudi Arabia, are the thin end of an ever thickening wedge of Islamic medievalism that’s being hammered up our fundament by the Saudis with the connivance of our own government. Our prime minister wants London to be the sharia banking capital of Europe. I’m not sure why. Maybe he’s got a side bet with the Dutch and Swedish governments to see who can completely Islamicise their societies first.

Either way, they say money talks, and right now in Britain it’s talking Arabic. But I guess that’s what happens when the most backward society on the planet happens to be one of the wealthiest. They can simply bribe their values into places where they don’t belong and where they wouldn’t be tolerated for a second if not for their money.

How rightly so. My question is this: as a citizen, would you wanted some foreign religious laws (or courts) to be imposed in your own country, on the local or state level, without your consent and the consent of the governed who does not follow or adhere to that foreign religion?

I made a side bet about your answer. Let me know. :)

Pat Condell is the endangered voice of reason in Europe. Radical Muslims wanted to kill him outright for speaking out honestly. If you let them kill him for that and you did nothing to voice your outrage, demonstrate and demand justice, then I hold YOU fully accountable for the unanswered crime.


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